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About Me

Many people consider me the “Godfather of the Jaguar Green Shower Repair”. My guess is that once you discover your Jaguar XK8 Convertible top not working or your Jaguar XKR Convertible top starts leaking, that makes me the guy to go to for repairs.

Especially when you want your repairs done right the first time.

Why you may ask, well over the almost 14 years of repairing this common problem for Jaguar owners, I have completed over 400 Jaguar convertible hydraulic hose and cylinder repairs.

I guess that does make me the go-to-guy for all, 1997 - 2016 Jaguar XK8 AND Jaguar XKR Convertible Top Hydraulic Hose and Cylinder Replacements!

Guys do yourself a favor and forget the diagnostics on this one, the dealership will rip you off with their pricing, replace parts with the SAME inferior Jaguar XK8 and Jaguar XKR parts that created the problem in the first place.

Also, there are no diagnostic tools for leaks on this repair. Dealerships will tell you to bring your car in for a diagnostic BUT there are no diagnostics for this type of repair. It all visual AND the car has to be taken apart (about 3 hours) to get a full picture of repairs needed.

My Goal is Simple, My Clients Receive: Great Service!
at a Reasonable Price!
AND, a 5 Year Warranty
to do business with me AND I COME TO YOU. Right to your driveway.

Most importantly, ALL REPAIRS ARE COMPLETRED IN THE SAME DAY!! All 50 States!

The Jaguar Green shower is a very common problem for Jaguar owners. But the problem doesn’t have to be as complicated as most Jaguar XK8 and Jaguar XKR owners make it out to be.

This common problem has a simple fix, replace the inferior Jaguar parts with better quality aftermarket parts. It that simple.

And, oh yeah – Get someone who knows what they’re do to complete your repairs. Having done over 400 Jaguar XK8 and Jaguar XKR Convertible Top Hydraulic Hose and Leak repairs, I guess that make ME, your BEST option.

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So, if you wake up one morning to operate the convertible top on your Jaguar and the convertible top is not working, Call the Expert immediately at 888-317-9340.